Dear heart and logic, how do you work? Let’s start with tears. True tears are an expression of the heart. Signifying the releasing of something….of an emotion that we feel. Whether it’s joy and we can’t contain it, deep sorrow, shame, embarrassment and so on. Sometimes we can loose that intimate connection to the heart and get stuck in our minds, trying to make logic sense of every emotion we feel.  If you have experienced feelings and emotions that the other person hasn’t, you can’t expect them to understand. However, one can not assume that your feelings are invalid just because they themselves haven’t experienced them. We are only limited to what we know. What we know of ourselves, others, God. It’s all so complex and some things are beyond our understanding, beyond our logic. And logically we must accept that and choose to believe that which is unknown, yet true. Explanations are not always going to be available so we must choose to believe with our hearts. Believing starts in the heart, it is not a logical matter. The Knowing part is connected to logic and both have to work side by side, but we can not let one consume the other,  both have to work together. Since the two don’t always connect with each other, it’s easy to favor sides. In logic, we can’t rely on facts to bring truth, because the facts are not always there and truth is something that has to be believed. In believing, we also trust in what is unseen. We can’t accomplish both logically because if that  which we are believing for,  is unseen and we don’t have the facts and whys to support it then we will become frustrated and discouraged, throwing the good out with the bad. Thus we must believe with our hearts and trust what is unknown. If we try to logically make sense of everything, we will be limited to what we ourselves can make sense of. Truth doesn’t always make sense, but it’s trustworthy to never mislead. Let’s keep in mind, that all heart and no logic is not healthy either. A simple example in driving would be,  you “feel” like you should turn left, but “logically” know that you need to turn right. So what do you do? You go with your “gut feeling” turn left and get lost. Our hearts can be misleading, deceiving above all things. Leading us into traps and snares. It is a mystery, who can understand it? So we cover it up and let dust collect on it like an old book full of marvelous things. It’s important to know facts that support the truth, and to logically seek answers. With the mind, we discover, create and find stability. It thinks things through diligently, making practical decisions. It is a structured masterpiece of infinite abilities. The heart feels, motivates and believes the impossible. It sometimes doesn’t know what it wants because everything is a possibility! It has to be guarded against anger and abuse from creating a bitter wound. From it, we speak what’s hidden inside. It’s vulnerable at times and other times, locked away.

We have to figure out which of the two are the lead in our lives and how we can use both. In my case, I should give my logic more room to talk. Since the heart can be misleading, it is often easy to make misjudgments about someone or something. So you see, both are subject to flaws. For those of us who are dominated by logical thinking, it can be more difficult to make heart connections and hard  to identify which feelings are real, making it easier to rub them off as phony. There are so many emotions that we feel deeply but what if they aren’t true? Are all feelings misleading and corruptible? If we don’t know our hearts, then we won’t know the feelings that flow from it either. If we are hurt, do we not feel anger? If we are moved, do we not feel compassion? If tragedy strikes, do we not feel sorrow? Truly those are all valid emotions and can be trusted. So heart and logic, how do you work? You are a mystery in many ways and we have come to know so much that we find we really know nothing at all. Two opposites that desperately need each other. How we have neglected to value both and  strengthen the weaker one. With two complex things that are so deeply apart of us, we are foolish to choose to live one without the other. How can we, if we don’t have an understanding of the two, assume that we understand anything at all. Remember, we are limited to what we know and deceived by our own false interpretations of the heart and mind. In both heart and logic, we must seek and embrace truth. It is important to be able to support the truth with facts, but sometimes we just have to simply believe. Let’s get connected to our hearts and grow in our logic, gaining knowledge and getting understanding. In conclusion, the heart wants to be understood and the mind respected. The heart tends to focus on wants and the mind on needs. We’re never afraid to give people a piece of our minds, but it’s our hearts that we guard because we know its vulnerability. The heart works off trust while our mind thrives on its ability to comprehend. I like to say, “If only the heart could speak so the mind didn’t have to translate.” Let’s not get stuck in our limited vocabulary and lack of understanding, but instead strengthen our logic by seeking truth and being teachable. Being teachable is beneficial to both heart and logic. Each learn and process things a little differently, yet both are greatly influenced by the same matters. Oh, how incredible they are when they join together, accomplishing, challenging and thriving while being upheld and set free by truth.

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