I like to call my open journal, is more than a website with a few articles. It's where you can explore an arrange of photographs, film projects and other expressed art. In writing, I expand on different topics of importance and deliver truths that carve the path for a better way to think and thus, to live. Nifty businesses near and far can be found on the "Featured" page and you can find inspiring food experiments on the page, "Edible". More fun, inventive pages to come! For now, venture into what's here and may you be inspired, motivated and challenged in the best ways.


 A native to the sunshine state, raised in Alabama, one of four sisters. The second born, in fact. I stay curious about the world around and inquisitive of the faces in front of me. There's a keen interest inside of me to understand people and to point out their unique talents. I have a persistent itch to write, travel, and create! You can find me climbing things to scope out a new perspective, singing along to big band hits, studying personality types, seeking adventure, dancing down the grocery aisle, and other things that make life a bit more exciting than the leftovers in my refrigerator.


Kasey Liechty



I dare you.

Thanks friend.

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